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If you are using the Bourbon to sanitize the chips and not looking for much Bourbon flavor, toss only the chips. I don't know if it make much difference if they are wet of dry other than the alcohol will evaporate if you let them dry. If you are trying to replicate beer aged in Bourbon barrels it only makes sense to toss the Bourbon and oak chips into the ...


I have a similar Porter which is due to be transferred soon. I've researched online for an answer to this question, and opinions vary greatly. Some say that the whiskey will have dissolved a lot of the tannins, so you shouldn't put it in. Also a lot of those people think it is merely a way of bumping the alcohol by spiking the beer with whiskey (I think ...


I would add the oak (still wet) and the bourbon it was soaking in to the carboy. The bourbon has probably picked up a lot of oak flavour that you want in your beer.

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