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Weyermanns Abbey Malt adds honey flavour and aroma. There are other Honey Malts available, but I have not used them. Add the malt to your mash or do a steep (depending on if your kit is all grain or extract).


Honey is 100% sugar and will be entirely consumed by the yeast in your beer. I've made mead a couple times with different varieties of honey. The honey flavor left after the fermentation is a very mild and dry sweetness, nothing like the flavor of raw honey.


Personally I'd bottle for 2 or 3 weeks. As I like it to develop and carbonate nicely in the bottle. I would usually not leave my brews sitting in the primary so long as it rests on a lot of lees. The yeast it is sitting on will start to break down and can potentially release off flavours. Once I hit my target gravity I try to get the beer/wine into the ...

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