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I use zyklon b but I just had a lot left over from an old thing


Perfectly normal. Properly rehydrated dry yeast or a good liquid starter will do this.


Alcohol bubbling Letting the air pass through a strong alcoholic solution, as vodka or absynthe. Alcohol is known to be hostile to a lot of organisms: keep in mind that surgeon sanitize their hands with products based on alcohol. If you do set up a good turbolent flow without losing too much contact time, you should manage to reduce in great part the ...


What's the problem with foil? When I cold crash, I seal the fermenter either with a solid stopper or foil. Since fermentation is done there's no need to do anything else. AAMOF, you want to stop air from getting into the fermenter, whether it has microbes or not. I would not recommend using anything porous.


You don't need to keep topping up with water. As long as there is some water inside the airlock, there is a barrier to the outside environment allowing the generated carbon dioxide to escape but not allowing unwanted air in.


Northern brewer has them in starter supplies. That said star san becomes yeast nutrient in contact with wort or beer. This from Charlie Tally interview on BN in '07.


Totally normal. C02 is SLOWLY pushing the water to the opposite side of the lock. As fermentation starts to really kick in, you'll see much more movement and "bubbling" in the airlock.

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