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It is normal for the air lock to slow way down after a couple days. It may bubble only once every few minutes. (And a watched pot never boils!) However, you may also have a bad seal. You can use the soapy water trick - mix a drop of dish soap in a glass of water. Then dab the water around the edge of seal and look for bubbles.


I have experienced the same issue when fermenting. I believe the problem is the lack of oxygen. Try an aeration stone or some other type of aeration. Your airlock should start to bubble once again. Jimbowilly


I've seen some airlocks that have plastic lines such that when you put the top on there are small openings on the side of the lock to let CO2 escape. Perhaps yours is like that. It is possible to just leave the top off. Just make sure that all the liquid does not evaporate.


Alcohol Losses from Entrainment in Carbon Dioxide Evolved during Fermentation H. W. Zimmermann, E. A. Rossi Jr. and E. Wick + Author Affiliations Research and Development, United Vintners, Asti, California Abstract Total losses of alcohol entrained in CO2 in laboratory experiments were shown to increase with: temperature of fermentation, alcohol level of ...


I typically use sanitization solution diluted with a little bit of water in case of this situation, but you shouldn't really have a problem.

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