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I use clingwrap, secured by a heavy duty rubber band. I punch two pin holes in the wrap to ensure excess CO2 can escape. Not very elegant, but very effective!


I have used the normal 3-peice with water for years to make wine and several of the wines I make have to sit in the secondary for 1 1/2 months between racks. I have never lost more that 1/2 of a safe amount of the water and have never had to top it off. But, I keep my wine in a stabile / controlled environment. If you are worried about your environment, you ...


Question 1 is hard to answer because its so dependent on the relative humidity and air flow of the room in question. I wouldn't assume an airlock with water would be safe for more than 4 weeks without checking on it or topping it off. Vodka is sometimes recommended as an airlock liquid, but I think its is a bad idea for long-term storage. Being roughly a ...


I don't think water would remain useful for very long at all. It will stagnate and become fertile ground for lots of little nasties. I recommend filling your airlock with cheap vodka. The alcohol will prevent microbes from growing in the liquid for a long time. As long as your airlock is properly capped, it should be fine for several weeks, and probably ...


There is a variant on the "blow off into a separate jug" approach, which involves placing your entire fermenter in a water-filled container (a pail or tub) to provide temperature stabilization and then run the blow off tube down into that water. Basically getting two functions out of a single tub of water. If you found a tub with a diameter just slightly ...


The beer should be fine. With the yeast active like it is, bacteria and wild yeast would have a very hard time establishing a foothold. Brief exposure to the atmosphere should not affect your beer.

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