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'Does that mean that wheat decreases shelf life[?]' In certain instances, yes. Higher-protein wheat can lead to haze instability (you probably don't care in a wheat beer but you might in other styles). The proteins may also lead to flavor instability, for instance in the presence of dying yeast cells (the yeast excrete an enzyme [protease] into the beer ...


How can you ascribe it to the wheat? IPA also is much better fresh and young and has no wheat. I think it's more due to yeast character, but you'd have to define what it is you don't like abut them.


You're absolutely right that tannins (a kind of polyphenol) are anti-oxidative and that increased levels in finished have been linked to a lower degree of beer staling (in this paper, for example). I've never heard the claim of their anti-UV-light effects though, so I won't touch on that. It's a tricky question because there will always be a trade-off ...

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