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You can make a rice porridge in the rice cooker that will make the rice into a thick paste (with some very soft grains still floating around). Add extra water to the rice cooker (maybe double the usual amount?), let it boil for a few minutes and then turn down the power (the rice cooker would try to boil all the liquid away if you let it). Then wait a while ...


Classic Cream Ales which are an American contribution to the world of beer have use flacked maize or corn as a staple ingredient for three centuries. It started out as a way to brew when barley was in short supply and expensive cutting the cost of the Grist. Cream Ales are generally lighter, less ABV, and refreshing. They do have a slight background hint of ...


We did some fruit pale ales last year with dehydrated fruit. We have a dehydrator and dried the fruit at 165 to kill off baddies and sealed it up till use. We did pineapple, kiwis, strawberries and chili peppers, non had any infection, even 6 months after. So it's an idea. Also the strawberry tasted amazing!


Quick Version I don't know about the flavour. As long as you are using it with a base malt you can use up to ~50%, you don't need to get malted triticale or pre-cook it(see below). Also, I have no idea where you could find some in the UK; if you can find some flaked then try that. PS: if you know where to find some please post a link here, because I am ...


What you propose will work. You can also use Minute Rice, in which case you can just toss it on the mash and not have to precook the rice either way.

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