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Sound more like a Cream Ale recipe, Blonde Ale shouldn't have corn. It can be up to 25% wheat though, I would replace the flaked corn with flaked wheat, or just 2-row to remove it completely. I've done this Strawberry Blonde before, it turned out nice. Used real strawberries, ditched the fruit extract, did all grain. Recipe is in the dl docs. ...


I think wheat when I think fruit beers. So I'd say 1:1 replacement with wheat. You could experiment with traditional malted, flaked or torrified wheat. In some ways, the are similar in others they are not. I like torrified wheat used in small amounts like you need here as a substitute. I'd also suggest table sugar at a lower replacement ratio. This ...


What about sanitizing it then muddling it, than add it to your bottling bucket and pour your fermented beer over it. Similar to using mint for drinks in a bar the oils will break down and stay in bottles, or you could boil the mint in your priming sugar for boiling and make a simple syrup.

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