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Nope. Flaked barley needs to be mashed. You'll get nothing but starch from it in your beer. Not only do you need a higher temp, you need some base malt in there an you need to do a partial/mini mash at least.


If it's the head retention qualities of the flaked barley you are after, you could add 200g/0.45lb of carapils per 19l/5 gal. It will add head retention, and hardly adds any color, and such a small amount will not affect mouthfeel. I usually brew my stouts with an Irish liquid yeast, but I've also used US-05 and then they come out really dry! If you use US-...


Tonka beans contain Coumarin which the FDA in the US has banned the use of these beans because of hepatotoxicity (liver damage). That being said adding vanilla beans to the boil is a bad idea as the flavor compounds will evaporate off. Putting them in primary or secondary is the best plan. Have added vanilla beans to secondary an that gives great flavor to ...


According to this byo article link your whithin tolerance. The author says he can tolerate 1/3 cup in 5 gallons. I would definitely wait and see before brewing 5 more gallons. Even if you decide to do so later you might want to tweak sourness, spice etc for blending,

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