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I take it was an extract brew, not AG, so there won't be much of non-fermentables (aka starch). What was done wrong? Too big OG. Probably no starter. Probably poor wort aeration. What is wrong now? The op expects the result too soon. I'd normally expect e.g. a beer of OG 1.090 to sit in the fermenter for 2-3 months (with proper aeration and starter!). ...


There's always going to be some unfermentable sugars. If you're mashing, you can try to control that by doing a long mash at low temperature, but if you're using extract, you're probably stuck at a good middle-of-the-road mash, which is going to leave your high gravity beer very sweet at the end.


I tried to post this as a comment on Denny's answer, but it wouldn't let me. Take a look at this question and see if the situation seems familiar. I had trouble with high FG due to poor fermentability of the malt extract I was using.


Fermentability is more realted to the wort than the yeast. Given what you posted, my bet is that you made a wort high in unfermentables and may not get much more attenuation.


This seems like a simple solution dilution problem. Take 5 gallons = 20 quarts => 20 quarts * 5% ABV = 1 quart alcohol. Then take your 1 quart of "80 proof" (40% ABV), and we get 1 quart * 0.4 = 0.4 quarts alcohol So we have a total volume of 21 quarts (beer plus spirits) and a total of 1.4 quarts alcohol, thus 1.4 / 21 = 6.67% ABV Unless I'm ...

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