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I've had a life-long fancy for using vodka to clean sanitize and naturally use it in my air-lock.

Given that it is only 40%, however, and I live in California where pure grain alcohol is illegal, would starsan be better?

I guess the two dimensions to take into account would be sanitation and cost, but I am more concerned about sanitation.

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Water - it's cheap, it's always available, and does the job adequately. No need for anything else when something so simple works so well.

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Foil. :)

Either vodka or star-san are perfectly fine. Water will work just as well. The liquid in an airlock does not strictly need to be sanitary, it just needs to provide a barrier for insects, primarily.

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I started with vodka and when it ran out I switched to tap water. No problems. I use StarSan if I have some handy, otherwise it's water. Or foil over the top. –  Denny Conn May 15 '13 at 18:25
I use iodophor water left over from sterilizing other components of the brew process. Never had a problem. –  Chris Plaisier May 15 '13 at 21:13

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