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I would like to gain some knowledge about hops and have an idea in what all those varieties differ. Is it possible to define a few categories for hops (for example based on region of origin), so to choose one variety from each group and start knowing the differences between different categories?

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here is a rudimentary takeoff on the flavor wheels you can find.

this one is for hop aromas/flavors:

enter image description here (source: http://cdn.homebrewtalk.com/attachments/f12/102717d1361410242-hops-aroma-flavor-wheel-hops-flavors-reference-wheel.jpg)

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I've fixed the image link you posted To insert an image, click the icon that looks like a picture, and select "insert an image from the web" - you can then enter the image url there. –  mdma May 16 '13 at 0:02

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