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As many of you know, there is a homebrew collaboration/event/competition going on with some Twitter users (10 in total). I am the newest homebrewer of the batch and trying to think of some creative idea's for an Imperial Porter. We will all be brewing the same recipe with our choice of yeast and additives. Anybody have any creative idea's for such a recipe?

So far people are doing a prickly pear Imperial Porter, Mole Imperial Porter and Chocolate Orange Imperial Porter.


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I have been thinking about a smoked pumpkin porter. After harvesting our sugar pie pumpkins this past fall we processed them and sealed them up with a vacuum sealer. I am waiting for a good time to fire up the smoker and throw the saved pure on for a bit till it gets a nice apple wood smoked thing going. Then add that to a nice Imperial Porter recipe with a small amount of oak. If you cant get pumpkin pure i know the Libbys pumpkni pie mix found at any grocery store works well. I'm not sure how quick you need this beer but I intend to let it age till the next pumpkin harvest. I have never made this beer but think it will turn out great when paired with a good recipe.

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Thought I read it was supposed to be something reflective of where you live and brew.

Assuming Riverside, CA, something with an "orange twist" to it would seem appropriate, but that appears to be taken already.


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You're right about the oranges and the fact that someone else is already doing that. =) – Average Beer Snob Jan 4 '10 at 21:20

I made a big maple porter that turned out to be great. Nearly 9% alcohol, and oh so smooth. I used a full quart of grade B maple syrup very late in the boil. I don't have my notes handy right now and I can't remember if I added it at T-5 minutes, T-2 minutes, or flameout. I'm leaning towards 5 minutes.

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