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Ok, so I’m really new to this I started off making cider Since I juiced my own apples, I used the method of pasteurisation that kills off wild yeast by heating the gallon of juice on a stove while adding sugar I allowed the cider to cool, and then added the yeast It’s only been about 16 hours, and tiny bubbles are in the water of the vapour lock, but I’m worried I might not have let the cider cool down enough before the yeast was added, as it only cooled for half an hour Can I add more yeast to the mix if in a few days it isn't showing any signs of fermentation? Or do you thing the batch will be alright, or should I just chuck it?

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what kind of yeast did you use? How hot did you pastuerize at? – dana Jan 18 '12 at 2:44

no worries, you can add more yeast if fermentation hasn't started after a day or two. In the future don't add yeast until it has cooled to 70-75F or below.

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