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So I have a one pound bag of northern brewer hops (along with about a half pound left of amarillos). Any suggestions for a recipe or style? I'm typically pretty boring, love to brew APA's, IPA's (though I do have a winter warmer going along with a Gose)...also have limited temp control.

Anyone have any luck using Northern Brewers in a spring/summer blonde? Maybe a porter or an American variation on an ESB? Never brewed me one of those.

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Northern brewer makes a fine bittering hop for almost any style. The alpha acid content is not a high as some more modern varieties, but high enough that you can reach a reasonable IBU target with just an ounce or two.

I've also used Northern Brewer for wheat beers -- 3/4 oz for a five gallon batch, boil for 60 minutes.

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The Hop Union variety handbook says that Northern Brewer hops are good in 'All English-styles especially Porter." Kolsch and Helles are also suggested, but maybe not the best choice if you have limited temp control.

Looking at Hopville, there are currently 6466 recipes that use Northern Brewer hops. I didn't go through all 6000, but I see a huge variety of styles, everything from APA to RIS.

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been brewing for almost 3 years, and have never come across that resource. Thanks! – Pietro Jan 6 '12 at 13:30

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