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I have a packet of koji spores and these instructions: http://www.tibbs-vision.com/sake/instrct.html

The instructions call for a 2.6 gal fermenting vessel. Since I have a 7.9 gal bucket, I am considering brewing a double or triple batch.

I've been brewing mead, cider and all-grain beer, and have typical equipment for it (carboys, buckets, hydrometers, bottling equipment, sanitizers, etc.) How suitable it for sake?

Does anyone have any advice, tips or pitfalls to avoid?

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All the info you need is at:


Another outstanding site for sake brewing is


Both sites have recipes and step by step procedures for commercial quality sake.


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You’re basically all set. However, Sake is very temperature sensitive throughout the process and the rice needs to be steamed.

Fred Eckhardt

Fred Eckhardt’s book

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just noticed the date on the question. How’d things go? – Tom Nov 23 '14 at 16:50

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