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My intent is not to start an emotional series of responses, but rather to understand the general feelings about recipe kits from Northern Brewer and Midwest. Personally, I have had good luck with Northern Brewer kits in the past, but, in some cases, Midwest has styles that I would like to try that I can't get from Norther Brewer. I'm interested in hearing about the differences between the two from brewers who have a good deal of experience with both suppliers.

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Down vote with no explanation? Seems like a reasonable question to me. – Bill Craun Sep 20 '11 at 20:02
I did not downvote, but its sort of an opinion based base question, it should probably be a wiki. – brewchez Sep 22 '11 at 11:59
Not sure when the merger happened but their online operations are now the same - operated by Midwest iirc. So the choice probably comes down to the physical kit rather than service. – winwaed Mar 24 '15 at 13:54
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I can't speak to Midwest, but I know NB has some good recipe kits because I developed them for them. I can personally vouch for those.

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For them both located in MN, I used to order only from Midwest, took almost a week to get my order in Indiana. Nothern Brewer was here in 2 day...That's my VOTE

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I have not used Northern but have heard good things. Midwest is great. The have good kits and great service. I am a newbie and they have been very helpful. I have called them a few times with a question, and they did not not hesitate to answer. They also accidentally sent the wrong yeast, I emailed them and they sent the correct one to me with no questions asked. I would reccomend them... but you would probably be fine with both!

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I've had great luck with NB's kits - specifically the Paterbier (a wonderful little beer), the Caribou Slobber (brown), the petite saison and the Innkeeper (British bitter).

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I've only used midwest, which were high quality, but why not try both? I'm sure Northern has just as good kits. Buy a kit from each, brew and compare.

Worst case is you'll have 2 good beers. Best case is you'll answer your question posted here.

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