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I have a standard stainless steel Hansen Coupler for Pin-Lock type Cornelius Kegs. I'm trying to find the exact specs on both the 1/4 MFL and the inside (female) threads, where it connects to the actual pin lock coupler.

The coupler and the 90 degree elbow unscrew, and the coupler itself has a male threaded end that I've seen various places refer to as 7/8-14 and 5/8 BSP - but it doesn't seem quite that big. Is that correct, or is it something else?

What exactly is a 1/4 MFL in normal terms? Is it a 1/4in SAE 45 degree flared connector, or is it a 37 degree AN style connector? Or something else all together?

the one I have looks like this

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Well, partial answer - I went to the local pipe fitting shop, and I found that the 1/4" MFL is a 45* SAE 1/4" flare connector - it is also compatible with the 37* -4AN connector.

I'm still at a loss as to the threads on the disconnect itself though...

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