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I have a beautiful chart that shows the level of various hop oils in different hops, as well as their typical alpha acid percentages. Where can I find the raw data that would go into a chart like this? I am interested in making an interactive version of that chart. Also, there is at least one hop oil not measured in that chart. (cohumulone)

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I've been trying to compile a sourced- and rolled-up list of hops for a project (brew-journal.com). Data is very commercially driven, and hard to come by. Feel free to use (look for the green-annotated "COMBINED" rows) and please let me know if you find another/appropriate source to be included.

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That's excellent! Thanks for sharing! – Dustin Rasener Jun 29 '11 at 11:26

Pick up a copy of Designing Great Beers. For an advanced homebrewer book, it gets real deep into 4 or so different types of oils, how isomerization in the boil works, etc.

The book is 2 halves... background science and research, plus a study of AHA competition winning beers. The AHA competition part is a little dated, but the other half of the book... great beer geek science.

You could also write to FreshHops... they have access to a lot of information.

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