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I have two 15g stainless conicals in a fridge and I am building an advanced controller to heat and cool the whole mess. Some details on my blog for those who are curious.

Currently I use a Fermwrap from More Beer to heat the conicals but I feel it works much better for carboys. The fermwrap is hard to get on the conical in such a way to maximize contact and heat transfer. I also want more juice then 40w so I would have to have 4 of these just to cover to conicals.

I have the thermwells, controllers, and cooling figured out, just not an optimal solution for heating.

The question: Can you recommend a good way to heat 15g SS Conical Fermenters?

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Looks interesting, I'd recommend putting the link to finack.com/beerhacker/frak. Just curious, why do you heat inside a refrigerator? – Mlusby Apr 8 '11 at 16:17
I heat in the fridge because I may be running two different brews and fermentation schedules or in the winter, too cold :) Will change the link. – Peter Baker Apr 8 '11 at 17:07

You could try using those heating mats/ribbons used for tile floors and just wrap it around your fermenter.

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