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I've decided to start a program of creating sour beers where every 3 months I'll brew a new sour beer and set up a closet for aging of the beers. Given the length of the process and the amount I brew, I'm going to explore a spectrum versus trying to nail down one recipe and be able to repeat it.

What are some good sources for recipes and techniques for sour beers ?

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When it comes to home brewing sours The Mad Fermentationist should be your first stop. His blog is quite large, and full of great information. His intro to brewing sours is probably the best place to start.

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Wild Brews, by Jeff Sparrow has a whole lot of information about how the pros do it, and has a few recipes in the back of the book, which look interesting, but I haven't tried.

Yeast, by Chris White & Jamil Zainasheff has a couple of sections on Brettanomyces, which might prove useful.

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