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Who are some notable people or groups to follow on Twitter regarding Brewing?

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Stack Exchange isn't really well-suited to creating this type of collection where you're just piling on answers and there's really no expertise involved here. – Robert Cartaino Nov 28 '11 at 14:39

Northern Brewer is a pretty good one... they are an online store, so they are making an effort to sell supplies, but they are pretty active and post informative information.

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Charlie Papazian: @CharliePapazian

Ray Daniels: @Cicerone_org

American Homebrewers Association: @HomebrewAssoc

Me: @markskar

There are tons of others, but these are the first to come to mind. Just about every good commercial brewery is on Twitter, and there are thousands of homebrewers on Twitter that are dedicated to tweeting exclusively about homebrewing and beer.

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JamesB (web)

Techie, Pub and Beer Lover and one of the brewers at Sandstone Brewery. I add nothing to the debate.

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