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I've got a chocolate stout fermenting at the moment, and I'd like to add finings to this once fermentation is complete. I haven't done this before, so wondering what the best method is? I'll be bottling this beer, I assume I need to add the same amount of brewers sugar to each bottle like I normally would?

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I agree with both answers above, but why add finings to a stout? You can get most yeast out of suspension in secondary, with a little chilling. Further clarification can be achieved with finings, but in a stout the results won't be noticeable.

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I completely agree with "why add finings to a stout?". – Denny Conn Nov 23 '10 at 18:05

Do it by batch, much like adding priming sugar.

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PMV is right on but make sure to let it sit after fining too, don't bottle it right away, let everything settle out before bottling, a week or two should be good.

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