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I am brewing all-grain and have in the past always held a glucan rast when mashing. I am trying to speed up my brewing process and that rest of course slows me down quite a bit because of the heating up afterwards. Has anyone had bad experiences without glucan rests? Do you think a glucan rest is necessary and if so with all malts or just with some (e.g. wheat)?

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A beta glucan rest help convert starches made up of long strands of glucose molecules. These are typically found in oats, wheat and rye. If you have a low percentage of those malts you can skip the stage.

Try it out

See if you can detect a change in the beer.

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Well, I guess I do learn something new everyday! It's great having guys like you on this site. Thanks. – dzachareas Aug 22 '10 at 4:56

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