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What is the best book for beginning wine makers?

** Please post 1 book per post, then the resulting votes will show what most people consider to be the best book.

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I can recommend Making Table Wine at Home, published by the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It covers all basics, with a good mix of scientific background and focus on practical issues, making it a good place to start for the ambitious beginner.

There is a pdf version available online.

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Well we don't seem to have a lot of wine makers yet reading. Or maybe wine makers can't read....interesting.

Anyway, this book is one that several of my wine making friends recommend.

Home Winemaking: Step by Step

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+1 for mac vs. pc type humor. –  hookedonwinter May 26 '10 at 15:08

The first book I read on winemaking was The Way to Make Wine which was pretty informative and easy to read that goes through the entire process. The author writes specifically about making grape wines but the process generally applies to fruit/country wines as well. It must have been decent since before reading it I had never made wine and now completely I'm addicted.

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