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Does it need to have anything special or any food-grade bucket would do?

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Any food grade bucket will do, but keep in mind that the plastic will asborb flavors. So don't use a pickle bucket (etc.) unless you want pickle-beer.

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You can rectify these types of buckets by filling them with warm water and an entire box of baking soda. A good long soak will clean up any bucket. – brewchez Mar 17 '10 at 17:46

As an extract brewer planning to start going all-grain sometime soon, I can't answer from experience. But my plan is to start by buying a cooler to use as a mash tun. You can use a bucket, but without any insulation you'll have a hard time maintaining the 150-158F required for a good mash. I plan to build mine from one of those big job site drink coolers - they're made from food grade plastic and can help to maintain the temperature for an hour.

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