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Say I have a recipe that calls for 5 lbs of LME. How much DME would that be?

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In short: 4.2 lbs DME

DME = 0.84 * LME

LME = 1.19 * DME

The whyfor

It depends on the manufacturer. Extracts and malts and adjuncts all have a "points per pound per gallon" rating that you can look up from the supplier. In general, dry malt extract gives you 44 pppg and liquid 37 pppg.

5 pounds of LME gives you 185 points. To get the equivalent points from DME you divide by 44 to get 4.2 pounds.

This is related to my answer of Jordan's question about all grain conversion to extract. Also read the Homebrew Talk's wiki page for Dry Malt Extract and Liquid Malt Extract.

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The conversion rate is 1 DME = 1.25 LME. To get the opposite, you would divide.

For your recipe specifically, use 4 lbs DME.

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Where'd you get that conversion? – Dean Brundage Jan 26 '10 at 6:21
I she means LME = 1.25 * DME , the same as saying 4 pounds of DME is equal to 5 pounds of LME which is from "How to brew" by John Palmer. – Dan Brough May 15 '15 at 1:04

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