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Given the limited space of an apartment, how do you bottle & keg?

Do not consider budget to be a factor.

This is the seventh question in a series of discussions about small-space brewing. Please keep the discussion limited to packaging.

See also: Equipment Storage | Mashing | Steeping | Boiling | Chilling | Fermentation | Cellaring

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I am not entirely sure what this question is asking. are you looking for how one packages beer, or how one stores the packages of beer. I am going to try and answer both.

I am very fortunate to have an understand fiance that doesn't mind beer stuff strewn about but I'm sure I'm the exception and not the rule.

I typically do a mix of bottles and kegs depending on the availability of my limited equipment. for bottles I have a series of milk crates that hold ~20 bottles and stack as high as one wants. It's a great space saver for bottles. I stack these, in the nooks and crannies of my apartment that have enough dead space.

one of my closets typically only holds dress shirts and pants, so I have some space on the bottom for storing kegs and associated hardware. I should also mention that this closet is open to the unheated cellar so it stays cool all year. if I have people over or want to have something out of the kegs I typically have to pull everything out, so I try and keep most of my liquid assets in bottles.

my apartment poses a couple challenges to bottling. I have a tiny kitchen with no counter space and not enough floorspace for two people to be working on bottling. I typically take my brew bucket and fill it with star-san and submerge bottles in my livingroom. my helper passes the cleaned bottles to me in the kitchen for filling. We lay down a bunch of towels to catch drips and such.

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