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I have a recipe for an English I.P.A. which has 0.500 gr of Carapils but i have run out.Only grains that i have right now for substitute is Cara-Blonde and Crystal EBC 145-155. Will either of those two do or just skip Carapils and start the brew?

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I'm sure you'll be fine with the cara-blonde - that's only a few shades lighter than carapils.

It really depends upon what other crystal malts are in the brew. If there are other crystals around the 20-40L, then you may not need so much of the carablonde. Then you could use 250g of that, and 250g of base malt, to avoid it becoming too sweet.

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Add a reminder, the cara/crystal malts don't add any fermentable sugars, they are only for color, body and sweetness depending on the level of carmelizaton. Substituting any light cara malt should be fine.

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Actually, they do add fermentable sugars, although not as fermentable as a base malt. – Denny Conn Jul 11 '14 at 17:17

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