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I'm moving soon to UK and I would like to keep on brewing my beers there, does anyone know a shop where to get the tools (fermenters, heat exchanger, and so on) and ingreds (malts, hops yeasts and so on)


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You may want to specify the city you're moving to. There are local brick & mortar shops in many cities in the UK. – paul Feb 11 '14 at 0:36

I'm a big fan of The Malt Miller for my ingredients. Best and most consistent service I've had, and he crushes your grains to order so they're as fresh as possible.

I also got my mash tun and boiler from him (not the ones he currently stocks), and I've been very happy with them.

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UK Highstreet Shop (If you want to kill your local homebrew shops)
My Local Shop
My Goto UK Online Shop (<-- I think everyone agrees)
Cheapest UK Cam Locks (for DIY)
Cheapest & Best UK Tap Kit (for DIY, all SS)
Cheapest & Safe Food grade water pump (for DIY)

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