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What can I do with the pressed grapes after getting the juice for making wine? It smells so good. It seems a shame to just throw it all away.

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One option would be to compost it. I'm guessing this answer isn't in the spirit of your question. But, it's still better than throwing it away! – Shane Nov 16 '13 at 22:20

Although I have not done wine myself, if I ever did I would take the mash and make Grappa, Marc, Raki or one of those similiarities.

I found an eHow on how to make grappa; eHow - How to Make Grappa.

As far as I can see, if there was something (that tastes) better to do with it then Grappa probably wouldn't exist =)

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If you don't want to make Grappa or the like, crushed mash makes excellent compost. I remember taking wheel barrows full to the garden for my grandfather each year.

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