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I recently adjusted the gap on my grain mill to give the smallest gap. I was playing around with going as small as possible until I start to cause problems, i.e. stuck mash.

I've brewed very similar recipes only, changing one ingredient, about 5-6 times before. The only thing I can thing to blame the haze on is the smaller crush.

Will a smaller crush cause a haze?

Batch - 10gallons

Grains: 17 lb american 2 row 6.5 lb rye malt 1.5 Munich malt 1.25 crystal 40

Hops: 60 min 2 oz magnum 14.7 aa 20 min 1 oz cascade 6.7aa 20 min 1 oz citra 12 aa 0 min 1 oz cascade 6.7 aa 0 min 1 oz citra 6.7aa

Yeast White labs WLP028 Edinburgh

Misc: 2 whirlfloc tablets for 20 min.

Mash at 150F

Boil for 60 min

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Do you recirculate the mash? Did you notice the haze going into the boil kettle? What's the serving temperature and is it the same as previously? – mdma Sep 5 '13 at 4:38
Do you vorlauf? – Wyrmwood Sep 5 '13 at 12:20
One whirlfoc tab is good for 12 gal. You can reduce your usage. – Denny Conn Sep 5 '13 at 15:03
I mashed for 60 min and recirculated for 20 min, then collected. I didn't notice anything unusual going into the kettle. I keg the beer, which is all in the same fridge so it's all at the same temperature. – KevinIsAwesome Sep 5 '13 at 23:43

No, I don't think a smaller crush will cause haze. The flour particles are fairly heavy and will clump together in the boil, and would definitely drop out during primary. (I use a fine crush and have not seen haze from that.)

For other causes of haze, see What causes cloudiness in beer?

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