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My hibiscus wine recipe says to ferment to dryness before racking to the secondary carboy. It's been almost a month, and the bubbling has died down. Is it time to rack?

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After a month it's more than likely fermented out. The way to know for sure is to take a sample using a wine thief and check the gravity using a hydrometer. If it's around 0.995 then the wine has completed fermenting. But if you don't have the equipment, then racking now to secondary should be fine.

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Depending on the fermentation temprature etc then fermentation will take a different amount of time.

On average all of the wine I make ferments out to around 12% dry in around 5/7Days. If you have left it a month then im sure it will be done by now. Unless there has been any problems with the fermentation pausing.

Get yourself a hydrometer from a homebrew shop or online and measure the sugar content.

I use this chart to calculate percentage

0.900 reading is very dry

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I would if it were me. In fact when I use fresh grape juice anymore I transfer after just 3 to 5 days then again 2 weeks later. If you intend to bulk age at some point be sure to top the carboy up to the neck and if you're ok with Sulphites use 1/4 teaspoon of Potassium metabisulfite per 5 gallons to reduce risk of wild yeasts.

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